About - Voice of the Customer Platform


Our mission is to provide sustainable customer satisfaction for companies.

Sustainable customer satisfaction is only possible if you understand your customers right and on time. Artiwise Artificial Intelligence and NLP technologies help you understand the voice of customers and the customer insights that are important for customer satisfaction.


Companies that understand their customers best are the companies that listen to their customers best. Artiwise listens to all your customer communication channels (Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Social Media Contents, Call Center Records and Chatbot Dialogues etc.) instantly.


Artiwise provides you the customer insights on easy to use dashboards. Root-cause analysis, anomaly detection, advanced filtering options, and comparsion reports help you get the insights regarding their problems as well as their improvement areas for CX.


Following and detecting the insights aren’t enough for sustainable customer satisfaction. Every customer feedback or complaint needs to be forwarded to the related departments for quick actions. Artiwise AI helps you forward all important customer feedback to the related departments or branches through proactive notification system.


Besides providing actionable insights for companies, Artiwise:

  • Allows clients to view a full 360 picture of their customers
  • Proactively notifies clients about the actions need to be taken for
  • Customer Experience
  • Increases Customer Experience
  • Follows customer insights instantly
  • Prevents customer churn and finds potential leads,
  • Strengthens brand reputation
  • Improves operational efficiency


More than 1500 users get the most important and actionable insights to support their strategic decision processes from the millions of unstructured data thanks to Artiwise.