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Artiwise Enterprise Search Engine

Artiwise's Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) Power
in the Artiwise Enterprise Search Engine

Provide Intelligent Search Options

Provide intelligent search options to auto-complete, find similar, or rank by relevance

Named Entity Detection

Automatic tagging of entity names in search results with named asset detection.

Synonym Search Power

Extensive query scope with synonym word definitions for the domain used.

Bunch Filter

The result of the query is to bundle between the returned documents and thus to use bunch filters that show a summary of the requested set.

Advanced Complex Query Structures

Powerful advanced interrogation possibilities in which the terms x are present, the terms t are absent or the phrasal queries can be discarded. Possibility to create complex queries such as a maximum of 10 token between two terms etc.

Access to All Data from One Interface

All data environments can be accessed with a single interface. Fast access to the right result with cross-filtering features to differentiate environments.

Prioritization and Punishment

Possibility to prioritize or punish data based on selected criteria.

Scalable Growth

Expansion of the number of data with an open structure to meet or the intensity of the request at any time to add server expansion with the possibility of expansion.

Real Time Indexing

Real-time indexing with frequent frequencies in the source of the data to be searched rapidly.