Artiwise Text Analytics Platform - Voice of the Customer Platform

Text Analytics Platform

Artiwise Text Analytics Platform is a cloud based data analytics platform that works with artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing techniques. With its handy interfaces, it converts all your non-structural data such as written text content or customer's voice into a structured data that you can report and take action in a short time.

Customer Experience in Artiwise

If companies want to analyze their products and services correctly, their targets should be 360 degree customer analysis, but for such an analysis it is not enough to get a report with data in CRM only. In addition, there are many written content. You need to integrate them with your CRM system and offer a common solution. Non-structural data such as speech, complaint data, open-ended survey data should also be analyzed. Companies should understand in what segment their customers are, how their products are distributed and what they want to do.

Artiwise, which carries out R & D studies at Istanbul Technical University Teknokent, develops its products with its own engineering staff. With Artiwise, you can analyze customer insight, web sites, social media data, speech data or written survey content from a single platform using machine learning and natural language processing techniques.

360 Degree Analysis on a Single Platform with Artiwise

You can see the function and class distribution of comments from your customers.

You can identify the negative return customers and take action.

You can get the sentiment distribution of the product and service comments by breaking into sub-details such as brand, model and location.

You can identify outstanding issues of your customers on a daily basis.

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze sentiments of your comments about your brand, services, products etc. Capture emotions with a success rate of 90% or more.

Trending Topics

Keep track of the topics discussed in your work area. Have a say in the market and communicating with your customers.


Sort your written data according to your own data model that you create on the platform.

Root Cause Analysis

After classifying the data from your customers, identify the discourses and problems of each class with root cause analysis.


Structuralize your non-structural data. Identify your classes and segments.

Named Entity

Analyze entity names such as people, institutions, locations in large texts.