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What’s Reputation Intelligence? Reputation Intelligence is the complete process of classification of the stakeholders to help corporates get strategic business decisions for their business processes. We live in a world where data should drive our decisions. However, it is not

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Importance of Customer Experience

What is Customer Experience? Concepts such as “Customer Experience”, “Customer Journey” and “Customer Insight” have significantly changed both business processes and future planning for corporations today, where digitalization is accelerating all over the world. We are observing that companies with

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We are in a period where we work for experience, not to ‘gain’ experience. We are in the Age of Experience. In other words, the new society that emerged with the Digital Revolution is the “Experience Society[1]”. So much so

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Evolution Of Neural Networks for Sequence Tagging

Sequence tagging is broad research for both traditional statistical linguistics and the Machine Learning era of NLP. The roots of current Neural Sequence Tagging models come from more probabilistic models. Some of these probabilistic models use Maximum Likelihood Estimation or

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Sequence Labeling

Sequence labeling has been one of the most discussed topics in Linguistics and Computational Linguistics history. Challenges like Dependency Parsing, Word Sense Disambiguation and Sequence Labeling etc. arose with the formal definition of the syntax. Sequence labeling is a Natural

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