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Chat Analysis

Chatbot Speech Analysis

Chatbots are digital assistants who can communicate with users in natural language. Chatbots, which can also be trained like a chat buddy on very common topics, are often used to guide users in a particular area, listen to their problems or inform them. Thanks to the chatbots, the effort spent in the relationship with the customer can be significantly reduced. Companies that make Chatbot analysis with natural language processing make a difference in customer experience.

With Artiwise Analytics Chatbot Analysis, You Can Give Meaning to Each User's Expression

In Chatbot analysis, it is important to which subject and sub-topics a customer comment is related to. Artiwise Analytics can instantly classify each comment from chatbot data and tag what sentiment this comment contains. As a result of this labeling, the company can quickly identify the comments it thinks should give priority and prioritize their processing. With Artiwise Analytics, you can follow negative or positive content periodically, identify the issues that come up first, and perform root cause analysis. You can follow customer insight closely with Artiwise Analytics Chatbot Analysis.

Chat Analysis with Artiwise Analytics

Using the natural language understanding, intention and presence determination, keyword extraction techniques in the operation of the chatbots, information about what the user wants to say in his statement, specific name, brand, date, location information and the subject of the expression is obtained.

With Artiwise Analytics Chatbot Analysis, you can see the subject and sentimental distribution of comments from your chatbot users, take action according to positive or negative notifications, and identify the highlights of your chatbot users daily or periodically.

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Analyze Voice of Customer with Artiwise Analytics

In customer voice analysis, chatbot contents, call center voice recordings, social media data, written survey data, e-mail notifications, customer comments about your products or services and chat interactions are part of the data sources. It is of strategic importance for companies to analyze these large, complex and unstructured data. Text Analytics technology of Artiwise Analytics allows you to quickly understand the customer’s voice, preferences, needs and approaches by integrating easily with all these data sources.