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Financial Intelligence Analysis

Financial Intelligence Analysis

Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing Power 
in Financial Intelligence Analysis with Artiwise Analytics

Similar News

Artiwise Analytics allows you to efficiently analyze intelligence by grouping similar news. The similarity algorithms of the Artiwise R&D team working 100% successfully were developed by our local engineers at the Artiwise R&D center.​

Important and Unimportant, Positive and Negative

Real success in financial intelligence analysis is achieved by reaching important, positive and negative contents thanks to artificial intelligence. Artiwise Analytics teaches human feedback to artificial intelligence, enabling you to create a machine learning data model in a short time.​

Email and Early Warning System

With The Artiwise Analytics Early Warning System, you can proactively access important content of the organizations you follow. Artiwise Analytics intelligently distributes important content to your departments by email or message.

Multichannel Digital Media Analysis

Artiwise Analytics offers you all the digital channels and websites required for Financial Intelligence Analysis. You can analyze the content of websites, social media content, blogs, forums, trade registry newspapers, etc. on a single platform.

Reach All News on Digital Media in Real Time with Artiwise Analytics

Important News Sites in the World

Artiwise Analytics allows you to analyze the contents of the world's major news sites using natural language processing techniques.

National and Local Newspapers

You can access and analyze thousands of national and local news sites with Artiwise Analytics.

Twitter, Blog and Forums

It presents you Twitter content by analyzing it with artificial intelligence. Artiwise Search Engine allows you to follow the platform you want with its flexible crawler structure.

Trade Registry Gazette

Artiwise Analytics' Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing technologies and Trade Registry Newspapers can be analyzed daily.