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  • Extract Valuable Insights from Textual and Voice Data using NLP & Artificial Intelligence Backed Artiwise Analytics

  • Artiwise Understands Your Customers

    Listen and Evaluate your customers’ voice from different kind of channels and increase operational efficiency by 70%

Artiwise is an Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning backed cloud-based data analytics platform. By using Artiwise, you can analyze whole textual data like customer comments, news, speech, blogs, social media, emails without knowledge of specialties by a short amount of time.

Make a Difference in the Customer Experience

Companies analyzing customer experiences from different channels; they can make a big difference by shaping company strategies in this direction. Artiwise Analytics enables companies to understand their Voice of Customers and take the necessary actions. Artiwise Text analytics technology helps companies understand customer preferences, needs and approaches.

Artiwise Analytics

Artiwise Analytics is a cloud based text analytics platform that works with artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing techniques. With its handy interfaces, it converts all your non-structural data such as written text content or customer's voice into a structured data that you can report and take action in a short time.

Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing

Artiwise Analytics allows you to use Natural Language Processing techniques, such as root cause analysis, morphological analysis, English character correction, named entity detection, without the need to write code or technical development. Artiwise Analytics offers up to 70% efficiency in your operations management by combining machine learning and natural language processing power.

Artiwise currently supports English, Turkish, Arabic, German, French, and Spanish at linguistics level and has a plan to extend its capability with most known and spoken other languages.

Total number of text instance analyzed by Artiwise in the last 3 months

News, Blogs, Forums
Customer Comments
Free Text Surveys
"We are very pleased to obtain an AI-based platform capable of extracting total insights over different survey types through Artiwise Analytics. Believe that the success rates and our project influence will advance by working with the Artiwise team."
Ford Otosan
"We use artificial intelligence solutions provided by Artiwise instead of personnel strength to categorize the official advertisements and to evaluate the contents of newspapers and magazines by text analysis. The results we receive from the Artiwise text analytics services satisfy us and increase our confidence."
Basın İlan Kurumu
"We are pleased to work with Artiwise during this period of rapid and radical changes in the sector. Our project has been successfully implemented through disciplined work, rapid response and solutions to the incidents, regular information meetings and effective project management."
Basın İlan Kurumu
"As a result of the useful and effective work of Artiwise in the Roketsan Supplier Portal business, a product (software) has emerged in a short time. The firm's past experience and solution-oriented approach to the issue have been effective in the smooth running of the process. It is aimed to expand the existing cooperation with the company, which carries on similar studies with different departments of Roketsan."

Take Action with Pay as You Go Model

Artiwise serves as a pay-per-use model over the cloud. In this way, companies can easily see the return on investment (ROI) without the need for additional investment for their projects. On Prem installation is performed for companies with regulatory constraints and who do not wish to keep their data in the cloud.