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Artiwise Analytics is a cloud-based data analytics platform that works with artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing and transforms your text data written in natural language and voice recordings such as customer reviews, speech records, news, social media and e-mail contents into a structured form where you can report and take action in a short time with its useful interfaces.

Make a Difference in Customer Experience

Companies that analyze the data coming from different channels by taking into account the customer experience make a difference by shaping the company strategies in this direction. Artiwise Analytics allows you to understand your customers’ suggestions, requests, complaints and voices and to take necessary actions proactively.

Artiwise allows you to analyze your customers’ preferences, needs and approaches on a single platform with machine learning with modules such as Sentiment Analysis, Classification, Root Cause Analysis, Prominent Topics etc.

Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing

Artiwise Artificial Intelligence offers machine learning and natural language processing techniques all together. With Artiwise Analytics, you can analyze text contents accurately and in a timely manner without having to do technical work for natural language processing steps such as root reduction, stemming, morphological analysis, Turkish character correction.
What is said or written does not make sense without analyzing the ecosystem in which words take part, the morphology and connections of the words. Artiwise Artificial Intelligence constantly learns what is written in natural language, and understands these correctly

If you want to start using Artiwise Analytics;

You can request a demo by contacting us.

Artiwise aims to improve its natural language processing studies, which are specific to Turkish, English, Arabic, German, French and Spanish languages, for other languages that are widely used in the world.

Number of Data Written in Natural Language Analyzed with Artiwise in the Last 3 Months

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Cloud or On-site Installation

You can use Artiwise Analytics either through the cloud subscription model or on-site installation. If you have regulation restrictions or do not want to keep your data in the cloud, the on-site installation option is just for you.

Monthly Cloud Subscription

You can start using Artiwise Analytics immediately with a monthly or annual subscription model over the cloud. If you want to start very fast, cloud usage is just for you.