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Media Analysis​

Digital Media & Social Media Analysis

Follow and analyse the important reviews, feeds and contents of your brand, company or products in the digital media & social media in real time with artificial intelligence.

Important News Sites in the World

Artiwise Analytics allows you to follow the contents of news sites around the world with natural language processing techniques.

National and Local Newspapers

You can access and follow thousands of national and local news sites in Turkey with Artiwise Analytics.

Twitter, Blog and Forums

It presents you Twitter content by analyzing it with artificial intelligence. Artiwise Search Engine allows you to follow the platform you want with its flexible panel structure.

Websites Specific to Your Industry

With Artiwise Analytics' new generation search engine, you can start following the website, blog or forum content you want for your industry in a short time.

Sentiment Analysis, Impact Analysis and Root Cause Analysis in Media Monitoring

Sentiment and Impact Analysis

Artiwise Analytics offers you the distribution of sentiments of the important content it offers for media follow-up with artificial intelligence based on history. Continuous learning sentiment analysis with Artificial Intelligence allows you to see your impact on the media correctly.

Root Cause Analysis

You can make your root cause analysis in a short time by seeing the distributions of brands, companies, products and prominent topics that you follow in the media with a period comparison. Thus, you can take action by seeing which topic has increased positively or negatively in which period.

Experience Smart Media Monitoring with Artiwise Artificial Intelligence Technology

Similar News

Artiwise Analytics allows you to efficiently analyze intelligence by grouping similar news. The similarity algorithms of the Artiwise R&D team working 100% successfully were developed by our local engineers at the Artiwise R&D center.​

Important and Unimportant, Positive and Negative

Leave digital media follow-up to artificial intelligence. Instantly access important, positive and negative content special to you. Artiwise Analytics teaches human feedback to artificial intelligence, allowing you to follow the media instantly with machine learning and natural language processing in a short time.

Email and Early Warning System

Artiwise Analytics enables you to be aware of the important contents of the brand, company or products you follow within minutes with its early warning system. Artiwise Analytics intelligently distributes important content to your departments via email or message.

Multichannel Digital Media Analysis

Artiwise Analytics offers you all the channels and websites required for Digital Media Follow-up. You can analyze the content of websites, social media content, blogs, forums etc. on a single platform.