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Open-Ended Survey Analysis

Open-Ended Survey Analysis

Institutions use open-ended surveys to see opinions about their products and services transparently. Many institutions analyze the survey data filled in text by reading it one by one with the human eye. This method causes time and cost loss. In addition, with manual markings made by hand coding, analysis that will enable the institution to make strategic decisions cannot be obtained.

Analyze Written Survey Answers with Artiwise

Artiwise allows you to analyze the written content in your surveys in a short time by using natural language processing (NLP) techniques and machine learning. Artiwise Analytics allows you to enrich your analysis by classifying the written surveys on the subject basis.

Artiwise Analytics turns unstructured qualitative research texts into quantitative data by categorizing your responses for statistical analysis. With Artiwise Artificial Intelligence power, you can analyze written answers given to the questions in surveys such as customer satisfaction, NPS and provide efficiency in both now and in the future and thus, reach the right analysis in a short time.

By looking at each survey answer one by one, Artiwise allows you to see the general perception that you cannot see. Thus, it allows you to answer questions such as which topic is talked about your products or services the most, what issue is spoken negatively, and what are the root causes of negatively spoken issues.

Artiwise Analytics allows you to analyze the answers of closed-ended questions and written answers of open-ended questions all together. You can integrate your different surveys into Artiwise Analytics, query the analysis of your written answers on a channel basis and see the reports instantly.

Using Artiwise in Your Survey Analysis

You save time and money with automatic classification

You can analyze closed-ended answers and open-ended answers together

You can identify the highlights of all the survey comments

By conducting sentiment analysis, you can see in which subjects there are positive and negative comments about your institution