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Open Ended Survey Analysis

Open-Ended Survey

Institutions benefit from open-ended surveys to see transparently the views of their products and services. Many institutions analyze the filled-in survey data by reading them one by one. This method causes time and cost loss. In addition, manual markings made by hand-coding cannot be used to provide strategic decision-making.

Analyse Your Survey Data
with Artiwise

Artiwise Analytics allows you to analyze your surveys in a short time using Turkish language-based processing techniques (NLP) and machine learning. The included classification module allows you to enrich your analysis with many different data handlers. Converts non-structural research texts into quantitative data by categorizing your responses for statistical analysis.

Artiwise lets you see the general perception you can’t see by looking at each poll response one by one. In this way, you can quickly answer questions such as which topic is being discussed about your products or services, what is spoken about in a negative way, the root causes of negative spoken topics.

Using Artiwise in Survey Analysis

Save time and cost with automatic sorting

Analyze open-ended answers together with closed-ended answers

Identify issues that stand out in all of the survey comments

See the positive and negative comments about your institution by doing emotion analysis.