Social Media Analysis - Voice of the Customer Platform

Social Media Analysis

Social Media Analysis

Leading institutions in their field use social media channels effectively to increase customer satisfaction and interaction. Social media is one of the written channels that need to be analyzed today. Artiwise Analytics Social Media Analysis instantly analyzes the content related to your brands, company, products or services with artificial intelligence. Artiwise Analytics enables you to follow social media efficiently and effectively with modules such as sentiment analysis, prominent agendas, content labeling, and summarization, with artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing technologies. With Artiwise Analytics, you can follow your impact and action issues closely on social media by periodically analyzing root cause.

Social Media Analysis with Artificial Intelligence


In social media analysis, automatic summarization of all-important content is critical to see the big picture. Artiwise big data analysis presents important and prominent issues in real time.

Prominent Agendas

The most mentioned topic obtained by classifying social media contents with their unguided or guided learning methods according to their subjects, the issues that have been put into the background this month compared to the previous month, and the analysis of the new agenda this month ...

Sentiment Analysis

Artiwise Analytics allows you to instantly follow your positive or negative issues in Sentiment Analysis with Artificial Intelligence. You can see your action topics instantly by doing sentiment analysis and root cause analysis together. You can follow the subject-based sentimental distributions periodically on the dashboards.

Content Tagging

Artiwise Analytics automatically tags your important topics on social media with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies. Artiwisee Analytics provides over 70% efficiency in your operations thanks to automatic tagging.

Easy Integration to Social Media Monitoring Tools

In the Voice of Customers analysis, social media contents and customer comments from social media constitute part of the important data sources. It is of strategic importance for companies to analyze these large, complex and unstructured data. Artiwise Analytics Text Analytics technology instantly analyzes social media data and enables you to understand the voice, preferences, needs and approaches of the customer in a short time.

Artiwise Analytics easily integrates with many social media monitoring tools. The social media monitoring tools you use can display artificial intelligence results obtained with Artiwise Analytics on its dashboard or screen.

By integrating your existing social media monitoring products into Artiwise Analytics, you can get real-time data labeling power with artificial intelligence. Thus, you will provide operational efficiency of 70% and above.