Social Media Analysis

Today, social media is one of the leading channels. The leading institutions in the field use social media channels effectively to increase customer or citizen satisfaction and interaction.
Artiwise analyzes all written content in social media. Regardless of whether content is long or short, it detects the most talked about topics, makes sentiment analysis and classification with machine learning and natural language processing in your social media data

It is more important to analyze not only the focus word (the text) but also the context it is placed in. Through sentiment analysis powered by NLP, a company can learn how happy the clients are with the product and what are the words and topics associated with both positive and negative feelings. This is similar to the way humans understand each other from the tone of their voice or how friends communicate through instant messaging.

Marketing organizations need to be aware of what people are saying in social media and influential blogs, how the expressed opinions could impact their business, and how to extract business insight and value from these blogs. This has given rise to the emerging discipline of Social Media Analytics, which draws from Social Network Analysis, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Information Retrieval, and Natural Language
Processing. Artiwise Analytic analysis of blogs and other social media feeds by using machine learning and NLP