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Customer’s Voice

Voice of Customers

The voice of the customer is a term that defines the experiences of the customers about the products and services they use. In today’s business world, companies want to reveal their differences with their superior customer experiences. Leading companies position their strategies according to feedback from their customers.

Some of the text-based resources are rapidly growing call data, social media data, survey data, e-mail, product and service comments and chat interactions. Many large-scale companies avoid analyzing content because these data are large and complex. Overcoming these challenges, text analytics technology helps companies understand their customer preferences, needs and approaches.

Text analytics technology offers the ability to analyze text content with solutions such as prominent discourses, root cause analysis, emotion analysis and classification. Text analytics technologies can also combine structural data such as customer comments with non-structural data such as customer satisfaction points.

Artiwise Müşterinin Sesi

Analyze Customer's Voice
with Artiwise

Companies that analyze customer experiences from different channels can make a big difference by shaping company strategies in this direction. The Artiwise Text Analytics Platform offers companies a convenient interface that works on the cloud so they can understand their customers’ voice and take the necessary actions.

Data Transfer

Users can transfer their voice to Artiwise platform in different formats such as txt, excel, csv etc.


Related topics can be accessed using the Artiwise Text Analytics Platform's Featured Speeches module. Thus, what customers talk about the most can be analyzed.


With the Classification module of the Artiwise Analytics, users can transfer customer comments to automatically defined classes and list the contents of each class. At the same time, users can continuously provide automatic classification of interpretations with the power of machine learning. They can view the class distribution of data on dashboards and review their details at any time.

Root Cause Analysis

With Artiwise Analytics, users can classify the voice of the customer and identify the problematic or difference areas by performing root cause analysis of each class. For example, they can analyze the root causes of prominent discourses in the areas that the customer finds positive or negative by analyzing emotion analysis with the Ishikawa diagram.